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🔓Unlock New Possibilities with Sodick's Advanced Manufacturing and Metal 3D Printing

🪩Join us at JTC CleanTech Three - Industry Connect Office for an exciting event where we delve into the world of advanced manufacturing and metal 3D printing.

🔎 Discover how Sodick's cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize your production processes and open doors to new opportunities.

Takeaways for participants:

➢ Dive into Digitalization: Explore how Sodick empowers you to transform your shop floor with seamless integration of

hardware, software, and industry expertise.

➢ Unleash the Power of Metal 3D Printing: Witness the potential of Sodick's innovative 3D printing technology and how it can unlock

new design possibilities for your products.

➢ Industry Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from our esteemed partners:

  • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT): Delve into the applications of Additive Manufacturing and its transformative potential.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Employee Union (AMEU): Learn how AMEU support companies, particularly SMEs, in training and equipment funding, facilitating your transformation journey.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy (AMTA): Discover the WORKFORCE UPSKILLING PLAYBOOK designed specifically for the machining and molding sectors, empowering your workforce for future success.

Who Should Attend?

❖ Business Owners

❖ Production Supervisors

❖ Engineers

❖ Anyone in the Precision Engineering Sector

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